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  • Too busy for your biz?

    Do you secretly suspect you're spending too much time working 'in' your business, to work 'on' it?

  • Fed up with feeling stressed & overwhelmed?

    Want clarity and results instead? But there never seems to be enough time?

  • Hungry for breakthroughs?

    Had enough of feeling 'stuck' and 'treading water', but don't have the time to create the strategic breakthroughs you're longing for?

Whether you're an old hand, a startup or just dreaming about a future business, discover for yourself the difference that five minutes a day can make for you:

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Here's some of what we'll be covering:

  • How to create clarity & breakthroughs in your business - in 5 minute chunks

    Do this each day for 30 days and you'll be amazed at the results you'll create

  • Daily email or short video message, letting you know that day's action challenge

    On a '5+2' basis - 5 days of messages, then 2 days off, so you get to pace yourself

  • Accountability & moral support in our private VIP group

    Share the journey in our gorgeous invitation-only Facebook group

  • Discover the power of focus and clarity to create shifts in your business

    And create a world-changing 5-minute-a-day habit that could stay with you, for life

  • I wanted to be more focussed and to find more time for my business, but I didn't know how. This challenge broke it down into manageable chunks for me. And I am amazed by how much I have grown my business by spending just five minutes a day on concrete actions.

The sooner you get started, the sooner your business (and the rest of your life!) will benefit. Are you ready to dive in?

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Fed up with feeling stressed and overwhelmed?I know how it feels to be too busy drowning in your 'to do' list to create the inspirational vision that will lead to the business breakthroughs we dream of - let alone to do the 'inside work' that clears out the hidden blocks that keep us stuck.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

If you can spare me 5-10 minutes a day, in this 5Minute.Biz 30 Day Action Challenge I have put together the absolute gems of tools, techniques, shortcuts and insider secrets that I have developed over the past ten years - the stuff I usually only get to share with one-to-one mentoring clients, so that you can: 

  • Feel less stressed & set yourself free from overwhelm

  • Get clarity and calmness into the core of your business

  • Feel inspired again, with a clear and exciting vision

  • Magnetise your dream customers to you, instead of having to chase them

  • Release old hidden blocks that usually sabotage your success

And all of this is in bite-sized chunks that you can put into action in less time than it takes for a kettle to boil.

The 'future you' wants you to take action - actions that will pay dividends for decades - all in 5 minute chunks.

Just imagine what it could be worth to you, to spend 30 days focussing on the practical, strategic and even deeper stuff that will help you create your next breakthrough in your business - all in totally manageable 5 minute chunks.

If it gets you even one new client, customer or student, how much might that be worth to you, over the coming year?

So when you hear that this 30 day inspirational programme is only £97 (about $147 USD), I hope you'll agree that it's incredible value.


So if you really want to discover the huge difference that five minutes a day could make to your business - and set yourself free from stress and overwhelm, then now is the time to join us.

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  • I wanted more clarity - more energy in my business. I wanted to step up to the next level. I felt lost in the day to day doing. The 30 day action challenge helped me to do that. I broke through old comfort zones, dealt with money blocks, shortened my 'to do' list and now have a much better work/life balance. As well as more customers. Win win.

Who is Clare Josa?Hosted by Clare Josa

Mentor To Passionate World-Changers

Clare Josa inspires & empowers passionate World-Changers to create practical breakthroughs, from a place of love and freedom, rather than stress and fear.

As an Author, NLP Trainer, Meditation Teacher and reformed Mechanical Engineer, she is famous for applying her Inner Engineer’s common sense to demystify Ancient Wisdom into practical actions you can take today, in less time than it takes a kettle to boil. 

She has run her own business for over 13 years and has mentored thousands of people, just like you, to empower them to make their business dreams come true.

So that means Clare is ideally placed to break down the actions you need to take to grow your business into 5 minute chunks that make a huge difference. That's exactly what we're doing in this 30 day Action Challenge.

She is an expert in empowering you to get past the clever games your Monkey Mind plays that would otherwise keep you stuck and sabotage your dreams of success.

Clare’s Big Mission is inspiring you to bring Enlightened Living into your everyday life, so that no one has to put up with mediocre or ‘ok’ any more – and you can live authentically, letting your inner light shine.

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  • I used to worry about my business and feel stressed. But these 30 days have really helped me to spot the stress-stories I was telling myself. This has given me the headspace to feel more inspired and I find myself taking different actions. I feel more confident and I know these action steps are going to be with me for the future.

Want to know what we're covering?

  1. Why is what you're KNOWN for so much more important than what you do?
  2. How to dump an out-of-date biz-limiting excuse - in under 5 minutes
  3. It's time to get out of your mind - and that's the best way to run your biz
  4. Want to know my favourite time-creating mantra?
  5. The vital importance of standing in your dream customer's shoes for the next 5 minutes
  6. Day off
  7. Day off
  8. What your desk tells you about your secret attitude towards your biz
  9. The competition you REALLY need to be watching - and it's not who you might think
  10. How to get more done, in less time, for free
  11. Why biz planning doesn't have to be scary - and how it can set you free to have more fun
  12. Why getting off the complaining train can grow your biz faster than nearly anything else - plus how to do it.
  13. Day off
  14. Day off
  15. Are you dreaming big enough?
  16. The 3 Ds of getting stuff done today
  17. The little-known secret to Rockstar confidence, even when you're feeling nervous 
  18. How to turn that mountain back into a molehill, in under sixty seconds
  19. The difference between an 'expensive hobby' and a successful business
  20. Day off
  21. Day off
  22. Bye bye money blocks
  23. Are You Making The #1 Social Media Mistake That Most Small Biz Owners Are Making?
  24. How life (and biz) growth begins at the end of your comfort zone - and how to make it feel great
  25. Discover your biggest business asset for magnetising your dream customers
  26. It's time to stop putting off that tricky decision - how to make figuring out the answer easy
  27. Day off
  28. Day off
  29. Why you need to sort your future support right now
  30. The amazing power of intention to create your business dreams
  31. It's party time! What has shifted and changed?

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