It's not just about the 'nuts & bolts' of how to use Periscope. I want to empower you to inspire your audience, to grow your Tribe and to motivate your dream customers to want more!

Here's what you get with this 7 day Periscope training:

  • The Who, Where, Why, What & How Of Periscope

    Before you dive in, it's vital to get clear on the essentials of how Periscope works and what it could do for your business & Tribe

  • What on earth do I talk about?

    How to create compelling Periscope content to inspire and grow your Tribe, making your dream customers want more.

  • Looking great - how to avoid the video-Rookie mistakes that make you look like an amateur

    And discover how easily you can Periscope like a pro, instead.

  • How to feel confident - even when you're live streaming

    Insider secrets for letting your authentic awesomeness shine through, to inspire your audience, even when you're feeling secretly terrified

  • How do I get people to find me?

    3 simple strategies for getting people to show up (not just your Mum) - live - and to spread the word for you

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - How To Stop Periscope From Taking Over Your 'To Do' List

    Save yourself reinventing the Periscope wheel and create inspirational content that your audience will love

  • How do you turn it into business leads?

    5 success tips to turn a Periscope broadcast into a magnetic lead-generator that your customers love - selling without selling

And get invitation-only access to our Dare To Dream Bigger community, too.

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Who is Clare Josa?Hosted by Clare Josa

Mentor To Passionate World-Changers

Clare Josa inspires & empowers passionate World-Changers to create practical breakthroughs, from a place of love and freedom, rather than stress and fear.

As an Author, NLP Trainer, Meditation Teacher and reformed Mechanical Engineer, she is famous for applying her Inner Engineer’s common sense to demystify Ancient Wisdom into practical actions you can take today, in less time than it takes a kettle to boil. 

So that means she's a long-time pro at empowering you to communicate your message in a way that inspires your Tribe - and Periscope is a brilliantly easy, effective and entertaining way to do that, even if you've never done video before.

She is an expert in empowering you to get past the clever games your Monkey Mind plays that would otherwise keep you stuck and sabotage your dreams of success.

Clare’s Big Mission is inspiring you to bring Enlightened Living into your everyday life, so that no one has to put up with mediocre or ‘ok’ any more – and you can live authentically, letting your inner light shine.