Grab your place on this inspirational, highly practical online course with Clare Josa and you will discover:

  • How to remind your Inner Critic who's boss

    Turning negative self-talk into thoughts that make you feel great is something you can easily achieve, one thought at a time.
    You just need to know how, and then practise.
    That's exactly what Taming Your Inner Critic empowers you to do.

  • Find Solutions That Work For You

    Whatever your personal Inner Critic journey has been, within these 5 steps and the bonuses there will be techniques, strategies and lightbulb insights that resonate with you.
    All you need to do is to watch the teaching videos and try the techniques on for size.
    Then give yourself permission to experience the shifts by playing with the strategies once or twice a day.

  • Positive 'side effects'

    Students report feeling generally more relaxed, calmer, happier, less stress, more empowered and excited about life.
    If you're running a business, then this course can help you to say yes where your fears might have led you to say no.
    Don't underestimate the immensely positive effect of learning how to retrain your thoughts to support you, rather than to criticise you.

  • Bonuses

    Dive in deeper with an instant-access Masterclass on why positive thinking sucks (you won't want to miss this one!), a fear-releasing meditation, plus bonus videos on how to handle limiting beliefs that could otherwise derail you.

  • It's not just sticky-plasters

    You wouldn't try to teach new tricks to an angry lion. And that's why taming your inner critic needs to start with some 'first aid' techniques and figuring out how to hit the 'pause' button.
    But this course goes deeper than that. Steps 4 and 5 allow you to do deep-dive, transformational work that helps with the root causes of negative self-talk.
    And it's fun. And it's all in sub-10-minute, bite-sized chunks.

  • Making it easy, no matter how busy you are

    Clare knows what it's like to feel stressed and busy. That's why all of this is broken down into practical (yet inspirational) bite-sized chunks.
    The teaching videos are all under 10 minutes and most of the techniques take less time than it takes to drink a cup of tea.

  • Practical, actionable, fluff-free zone

    As a reformed engineer and former Head Of Market Research for an international brand, Clare is famous for demystifying Ancient Wisdom into practical actions you can take today, in less time than it takes a kettle to boil.

  • You are not alone

    There's a Google-proof private forum, where you can get answers to your questions. And there's also a members-only Facebook group, for peer support, to celebrate your successes & share the journey.

How Might The Taming Your Inner Critic Course Help Me?

Here are the most common shifts that Taming Your Inner Critic grads report – often as early as the first video:

  • Being able to press 'pause' on a chattering mind full of negative self-talk - even when you're super-stressed and low on time
  • Learning simple, effective and practical techniques that fit into a busy lifestyle and are easy to remember
  • Feeling excited about saying 'yes', where previously your Inner Critic would have had you saying 'no'
  • Discovering how to break free from self-sabotage and playing small, when you were dreaming big
  • No longer being at the whim of 'Imposter Syndrome' - feeling like a fraud and being scared you'll be 'found out' if you dare to step outside of your comfort zone
  • Feeling calmer, less stressed, more grounded, more relaxed, empowered, excited and ready to turn your dreams into reality

Just imagine what an incredible impact this could have on your life.

Isn't it time to let go of self-sabotage and thinking thoughts that keep you stuck playing small?

I want to start today!
  • Clare Josa, Mentor To Passionate World-Changers<br />Author | NLP Trainer | Meditation & Yoga Teacher | Reformed Engineer

    I want to let you in on a secret…

    I don’t mind whether or not you decide to join me for this course. That’s entirely up to you. But I DO have a point of view over whether you spend the rest of your life at the mercy of out-of-control thoughts telling you you’re not good enough or clever enough or ready or whatever other stories your Inner Critic is currently telling you.

    Because I know - from experience - that it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Back in 2002, my first ever Executive Coaching client was running Imposter Syndrome (a symptom of an untamed Inner Critic). The following decade taught me how incredibly common Inner Critic issues are, even for super-high achievers like Sheryl Sandberg, Kate Winslet and Maya Angelou.

    And I’m human, too. I spent too many years on the receiving end of a finely-tuned Inner Critic’s dialogue, keeping me stuck playing small, feeling scared and insignificant, and stopping me from making the full difference I was here to make.

    For 15 years, I have been passionately experimenting and creating techniques to allow you to reclaim your power and to retrain your Inner Critic to be your biggest cheerleader - no matter where you’re starting from. Thousands of my clients, students and readers have already benefitted from them. And I have distilled this work into five simple steps to tame your Inner Critic, in this course.

    As a long-time certified NLP Trainer, I’m an expert in the games our minds love to play - and how to design courses to make it super-easy for you to create lasting change. Then my Inner Engineer (I have a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and German) loves to play with my Inner Meditation Teacher (I’m formally qualified to teach both meditation and yoga) to demystify Ancient Wisdom into practical actions you can take in less time that it takes a kettle to boil.

    And to prove it to you that I mean it about not being attached to you doing this course, here are the five simple steps:

    1. Know Stop Your Inner Critic In Its Tracks
    My personal ABC 'First Aid' process can set yourself free from negative self-talk, in under five minutes

    2. Reclaim Your Personal Power From Your Inner Critic
    There are surprisingly simple, yet effective ways to shift that inner voice from nagging to nurturing and even supportive

    3. Set Yourself Free From Feeling Like A Fraud
    We all get it - some call it imposter syndrome - discover how to handle it, fast, when there's no time for navel-gazing

    4. Be More Confident
    Learn the 5 minute strategy that has inspired and empowered thousands of my clients and students to step beyond old comfort zones, moving into their authentic inner genius

    5. Consciously Choose How To Use The Two Most Important Words In Your Vocabulary
    To tame your inner critic AND turn your dreams into reality - or to keep you stuck playing small

    Of course, you can take these steps and go and do your own research to figure out the ‘how’. And I would be over-the-moon at hearing you’re going to take inspired action.

    Or, if you’re ready and hungry and feeling a bit excited, you can click the button, below, and you and I can get started in next few minutes, making deep-acting, life-long changes in the next five days. Which will it be?

    x Clare

    I Want To Tame My Inner Critic!

    Clare Josa, Mentor To Passionate World-Changers
    Author | NLP Trainer | Meditation & Yoga Teacher | Reformed Engineer

What's The Investment?

What would it be worth to you start feeling happier, more confident, empowered, excited and less stressed - in the next five days?

Each instalment takes less than 10 minutes. And you'll want to put aside a few minutes each day to practise the techniques.

When you consider how much it could change your life, knowing how to press 'pause' on the inner dialogue that has been stopping you from living the life you've been dreaming of, I hope you'll agree that the investment for this course is as near as I can make it to a no-brainer, whilst still offering the quality and service you deserve.

Taming Your Inner Critic is yours for just £97.

Click here for currency conversions - opens in a new window.

My colleagues and peers feel there should be at least one zero on the end of that price...

But I want this programme to reach as many people as possible. Are you in?

What would the 80 year old version of you recommend? More years of telling yourself what a failure you are? Or taking a little time now to discover how to retrain your Monkey Mind to support you on the journey towards creating the life you have been dreaming of?

Start Taming Your Inner Critic In The Next 10 Minutes:

Download each video to watch offline

Download an MP3 for each technique, so you always have it handy when you need it

Google-proof forum and member-only Facebook group, for peer support & to get answers to your questions

Bonus: Instant access masterclass on why positive thinking sucks and what you need to be doing instead

Bonus: 5 minute fear-releasing meditation

Bonus: How to ditch limiting beliefs in under 5 minutes

Bonus: Meditation MP3 - a magic wand for worrying

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Got Questions?

Here are the most common questions Clare gets asked. If yours hasn't been covered, email hello @ clare josa . com and her team will help.

Taming Your Inner Critic IS for you, if:

  • You are ready to carve out 10 minutes a day to watch the videos and play with the techniques
  • You are ready to dive in and take action on this
  • You are hungry to shift your experience of life, from feeling stressed to experiencing moments of stillness
  • You are prepared to try the teaching techniques and strategies on for size and actually take action with this stuff
  • You know that you'll get out of this what you put in - and you're prepared to get it in your diary, so you can create the changes you're dreaming of

Do I need any particular beliefs to join in?

No. This online course shares demystified Ancient Wisdom with you in a way that makes it accessible for everyone. You don't have to have a particular religion or belief system. Just an open mind to allow you to try the work on for size, to gain maximum benefit.


Click here to get started now

This Course IS NOT for you, if:

  • You're just toying with the idea of making changes and secretly know you're unlikely to make the time for this
  • You're feeling passionately attached to your excuses and reasons for feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • You suspect this course likely to sit, unused, on your hard drive, leaving you feeling guilty and resentful - I'd rather you kept your money...
  • You want someone else to 'do it all for you'
  • You're terrified of technology (you will need to be able to click a link in your email and then log in to press 'play' on each video - I've made it as easy as possible)

How might it help me?

Obviously results vary, depending on where you're 'at' in life, but here are the most common shifts that Taming Your Inner Critic Grads report – often as early as the first video:

  • Being able to press 'pause' on a chattering mind full of negative self-talk - even when you're super-stressed and low on time
  • Learning simple, effective and practical techniques that fit into a busy lifestyle and are easy to remember
  • Feeling excited about saying 'yes', where previously your Inner Critic would have had you saying 'no'
  • Discovering how to break free from self-sabotage and playing small, when you were dreaming big
  • No longer being at the whim of 'Imposter Syndrome' - feeling like a fraud and being scared you'll be 'found out' if you dare to step outside of your comfort zone
  • Feeling calmer, less stressed, more grounded, more relaxed, empowered, excited and ready to turn your dreams into reality

Hundreds of people, just like you, have already discovered how learning to press 'pause' on their Inner Critic and think more empowering thoughts can change their lives:

  • Dr. Steve Williams, DC, DICS, FICS, FCC, FBCA
    Clare Josa really walks the talk. She is a centre of calm in a raging world and I cannot recommend her more highly to lead you on your journey.
    Dr. Steve Williams, DC, DICS, FICS, FCC, FBCA
  • Imposter syndrome? That was a very revealing 10 minutes! And thanks to your beautiful being and your video support, I know have been able to let go of this belief, fully. Wow, I feel fresh and feel all the new opportunities around me!
    Iris Furer
  • Step 3 was a very powerful exercise that left me buzzing with excitement and feeling fulfilled when imagining my 80th birthday. Thank you soooo much xxx
    Kriss Nichol
  • After step 4, I feel really calm, and grounded, and ready... How good to have a quiet mind! Thank you Clare
  • Step 4 was very relaxing and empowering. I feel fit to deal with anything that presents itself today. Thank you for this wonderful start to my day xxx
    Female Business Owner
  • These are really effective techniques. I actually felt a huge shift in how I felt about a situation, instantly uplifted and confident!
    Female Entrepreneur
  • I just watched the 2nd video. And I used your suggestion/input right away and played with it. I found myself asking empowering questions, instead of critizising thoughts. Yeeaahhh!! Clare, you rock!!
  • I love step 1's simple, effective ABC technique. It's easy to remember and it fits into my busy lifestyle. And it works.
    Gillian Schofield

My 'Love It!' Guarantee:

I want you to really enjoy discovering how taming your Inner Critic can change your life. So I want to take away all the risk from your decision.

I know how the inspirational techniques and practical strategies Taming Your Inner Critic course have helped hundreds of people over the past few years, and I know they can help you, too. And I also know it can feel a bit weird signing up for an online course.

I don't want that to get in the way of you making the changes in your life that your heart is dreaming of.

So I'm backing it with my 'Love It!' guarantee. Go through the course for a full 28 days, watch the videos and try out the techniques, meditations and other exercises. If, at the end of this, you feel it hasn't made a difference for you, let my team know by replying to any of the emails and we'll refund your fee.

All I ask is that you actually make the effort to go through the course. You wouldn't take a banana back to the store, just because you forgot to eat it and it went brown, would you? Similarly, this isn't a 'couldn't be bothered' guarantee. I hope you're ok with that, 'cos we reckon that's pretty reasonable.

Want to say 'yes'? The 'future you' is doing a happy dance!

I want to start today!

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