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Fact: Most Entrepreneurs Are Getting Time Management Back To Front

When you're drowning under your 'to do' list, there's only so far you can get with clever strategies to help you prioritise and be more efficient.

That's just sticky plasters.

I taught my first time management workshop two decades ago and have worked with thousands of people on this, since then. And yes, the sticky plasters help to ease the pain of your overwhelm and stress. But when you dive in below the surface, being 'time-poor' is always just a symptom - of a hidden block, fear, excuse or out-of-synch value that's really driving the show.

Handle that block, and the time issues melt away.

There's no point in using 'sticky plaster strategies'  to increase your productivity, if those blocks are still silently sabotaging your success.

And that deep-acting stuff is exactly what you're going to get to do with Time Secrets For Busy Entrepreneurs. I'm spilling the beans on gems and insider secrets from 14 years as an NLP Trainer (so I know the games your Monkey Mind loves to play) and as a Mentor To Passionate World-Changers since 2002.

You're going to get the sticky plasters you're craving, but I'm also going to show you how to use your 'time-poor-symptoms' to figure out which hidden blocks are causing the problem - AND you'll discover step-by-step how to deal with them.

So by the time we're done, you'll have more time, you'll be doing things that move your faster towards your Big Vision and business growth AND you'll get to spend more time with the people you love, doing the things that make your heart sing.

Here's What You'll Be Covering

  • How most people are getting time management back-to-front

    And how that will keep you stuck being time-poor, no matter how hard you try

  • My favourite six 'sticky plasters' from two decades of teaching time management

    So we can park them and move onto the more juicy stuff!

  • How to avoid the most common time-stealing mistakes

    Most of us don't even notice that we're doing these - daily - and they might not be what you think (there's more to this than cute kitten videos on Facebook!)

  • 5 ways to near-magically make more time - and my single most important question you need to ask, to get your priorities right, every time

    No matter how stressed and busy you are, these can shift you to feeling calm, with clarity, confidence and taking inspired action

  • Why your 'time-poor-symptoms' are the key to deep-acting fixes

    And I'll guide you through exactly how to spot which hidden blocks you're running - it's easy when you know how, but if you don't, they can silently run the show and sabotage your success, for decades

  • Develop your personal time-creating action plan

    Discover exactly how to handle each of those hidden blocks, so you can set yourself free to make the difference you're here to make in the world

What's the number one question I get asked by people?

"How do you get everything done?"

I'm a busy mum of 3 young boys, I run a 6 acre small-holding, I have run my own business for over a decade and my fifth book is being published this autumn. And I still do home-cooked meals - and I'm a passionate experimenter in the world of fermented and living foods.

I'm not superwoman.

But I AM great at knowing how to get the most of my time. And I want to teach you the techniques, strategies and mindset-shifts that have made such a big difference for me.

Clare Josa, Mentor To Passionate World-Changers
Clare Josa, Mentor To Passionate World-Changers

I love making it easy for you to learn and create shifts in your life - no matter how busy you are.

As an NLP Trainer (the 'user manual for your brain'), I get to empower you to spot the games your Monkey Mind is playing, that keep you stuck being time-poor. My NLP Trainer experience (I qualified in 2003) also means I'm an expert at knowing how to teach you in ways that make change easy - almost inevitable.

Back in my engineering days (I have a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and German), I was a world expert in Lean Manufacturing techniques, which is all about how to get something done efficiently, easily and 'right first time'. I use these skills to make sure that the stuff I teach is broken down into easy-to-follow steps, that pretty much guarantee your success. I like to keep it practical and real - but also fresh and inspirational.

As a busy mum, I know how precious time is. So that's why most of this course (after the main masterclass) is broken down into bite-sized chunks that you can apply in less time than it takes a kettle to boil. And if you can't spare that much time to change your life, then you probably don't really want to make the change ;-)

And finally, I'm a certified Meditation Teacher and Yoga Teacher. This means I get to deep-dive into the Ancient Wisdom you need, which my Inner Engineer demystifies for you, into practical actions you can take today, to change your life.

I would be so excited to get to share Time Secrets For Busy Entrepreneurs with you, so you can clear out your hidden time blocks and set yourself free to make the difference you're here to make in the world.

With love, Namaste,


Here's How We'll Do It:

  • 90 Minute Masterclass

    Get instant access to this session that takes you through, step by step, how to spot your hidden blocks, the sticky plasters, and the deep-acting solutions.
    Plus you get the MP3 audio, so you can listen to it whenever you want, you can download the video, to watch offline, you can download a PDF of the slides, to flick through whenever you need them, and you get a quick-to-search PDF transcript.

  • Video Training: How To Ditch Your Limiting Beliefs

    Dive in and deal with the blocks you identified in the masterclass, quickly, easily and it can even be fun! I'm sharing shortcuts and insider secrets from 14 years of working with people on this.

  • Guided Meditation: 5 Minute Belief-Buster

    Ideal for when you don't have time for navel-gazing and need to deal with hidden fears, blocks or excuses - fast and effectively

  • Video Training: How To Use The 80th Birthday Test To Make Great Decisions

    So often we procrastinate because we're struggling to make a decision. This strategy guides you through how to benefit from decades of future hindsight in the next few minutes

  • Video Training: Timelining Your Day And The Power Of Intention

    These are two insider secret strategies I use each morning, especially on days when I know I've got to get loads done, but I'm short on time

  • Bonus Video: The Most Important Word To Grow Your Business AND Free Up More Time

    When you know how and when and where to use this word, you'll near-instantly create more time, cut your stress levels and magnetise more of the customers you'd love to work with

  • Bonus Meditation: Magic Wand For Worrying

    If your mind is going round in circles, telling you stories that stress you out, then this simple meditation will help you turn things around

  • Bonus Deep Relaxation: Recharge Your Batteries

    Crazy as it sounds, sometimes when you're really busy, the most important thing you can do is take time out to recharge your batteries and refresh your body and mind. This 23 minute guided relaxation audio leaves you feeling refreshed and energised.

  • Bonus 60 Minute Masterclass: Why Most Entrepreneurs Are Building Their Business Upside Down

    When you 'get' this, it holds the key to spotting the actions that will fast-track you towards your Big Vision, so you can grow your business faster, with less effort - and taking less time

  • Bonus Video: My Personal Strategy For Getting **** Done On Super-Busy Days

    Discover the simple actions I take, before I leave the office, to make sure I super-charge my efficiency on crazily-busy days

  • Cheat Sheet: 10 Time Management Sticky Plasters

    Keep this handy, for if you're ever feeling super-stressed about time, when you're on-the-go

  • Bonus Video: How To Handle Secondary Gain

    This is the secret **** that keeps us stuck doing crazy things that make us feel bad, but we can't figure out why. Know how to handle this and you'll set yourself free to make changing your life as easy as eating apple pie

  • Time-Creating Meditation

    I'll guide you through, step by step, one of the processes we discuss in the masterclass that can near-magically make more time for you

  • And You're Not Alone!

    Share the journey and get answers to your questions in our friendly private Facebook group

It's all in bite-sized chunks that are easy for you to go through, no matter how busy you are.

I want more time!

Just imagine feeling relaxed, calm, confident, happy and flowing through your day - with enough time for all the people and tasks that are important to you.

That's the kind of experience you can have, once you've mastered the techniques in Time Secrets For Busy Entrepreneurs.

"I don't have enough time!" is the single biggest reason why most of us turn down incredible opportunities to grow our businesses - or don't get time to read to our kids at bedtime.

But what if someone could give you a magic wand to find all the time you need, to do the things that you long to do? Well, you already have that magic wand. And I just want to show you how to use it!

Just imagine what it would be worth to you, to have enough time, to feel less stressed, to feel happier, to create breakthroughs in your business AND to still have time for your life and loved-ones.

When you think about it, I hope you'll agree that the financial investment for Time Secrets For Busy Entrepreneurs is crazily low, at just £197 (approx $297 USD).

I want to make it as close to a no-brainer as I can, whilst still delivering the quality and service you deserve.

Realistically, if fixing your time issues can't help you to grow your business by more than £197 in the next year, then please don't sign up for this course!

But if your heart is calling you to dive in and finally get your time stories sorted, click the 'Count Me In' button, and you can get started in the next few minutes:

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Got Questions?

If there's a question we haven't answered here, email hello @ clarejosa . com for help.

  • How much time does Time Secrets For Entrepreneurs take?

    The main masterclass is 90 minutes, and after that, everything is in 5 minute chunks.
    You can dive in and spend an afternoon, devouring all the incredible goodies in this programme, or you can build it into your schedule over the coming days and weeks.

  • How can I tell if this is right for me?

    If you're DONE with feeling time-poor and you're ready to dive in and work through this course, so you can benefit from those changes for the rest of your life, then welcome aboard! Come and join us now!
    But if you secretly suspect it'll just sit on your hard drive, gathering virtual dust, because you're not really ready to deal with your time issues yet, please don't sign up. I don't want to be responsible for the guilt you could feel, knowing the answers are there and waiting for you, but not taking action.

  • Can I download the resources, or is it all online?

    Both! I want you to have access to these life-changing tools, techniques and strategies, whenever you need them. So all the videos, audios and PDFs are waiting for you in your members-area, and you can download them, to watch or listen again, whenever you want.

  • What makes "Time Secrets For Busy Entrepreneurs" different?

    We're not dealing with the 'sticky plaster strategies' here. I don't want to just give you more time to get more done. I want to set you free to spend your business time on the actions that will make the biggest difference, so you'll most likely end up doing less, rather than cramming more chaos into and already-overloaded day.
    We're deep-diving and dealing with the hidden causes for your 'time-poor symptoms' - and handling those. The potential knock-on effect for the rest of your life - and your business growth - is huge.

  • Videos and downloads and MP3s - how do I handle the tech?

    If you can click a link on a website, then you can watch the videos and download any bits you want to.
    You'll need to log in to access the course, but you even get to choose your own password when you register (your username is your email address). So it's as easy as we can make it for you.
    We know you'll be fine - and we even give you a special tech support email address, in case you manage to find a tech thing you need help with.

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